Skin School

Brightening: Eye Care, Regimes and Tips

Thu, Nov 03, 22
They say eyes are the window to the soul - for us that seems reason enough to take good care of our peepers. There are many ways to improve the health and appearance of the eye area, starting from examining our everyday habits.
2 Mins

Brightening...Never A Dull Moment

Thu, Aug 25, 22
At its most basic level, a glowing complexion with an even tone is symbolic of youthfulness and good health.
3 Mins

5 Steps to Treating Your Pigmentation

Thu, May 26, 22
Simply put, pigmentation refers to the colouring of the skin.
8 Mins

What are freckles?

Fri, Oct 01, 21
Freckles, or as we like to call them ‘beauty spots’ have become
5 Mins

What are sun spots?

Tue, Sep 14, 21
A concise guide of everything you need to know about sunspots
5 Mins