Radiant, glowing skin is one of the ultimate signs of strong health and vitality – in 2022’s green juice/pilates/daily vitamins era, looking the picture of health is a goal for many. As one of the main focuses throughout our products, we believe bright skin comes as a result of using ingredients that cater to our skin's needs and make our complexions glow with glee. Luckily, you can transform skin that looks dull and tired with just a few key ingredients.Here are our Fade Out favorites-

An extremely versatile ingredient with a plethora of benefits, you’ll find Niacinamide in all of our products. Gentle yet extremely effective, Niacinamide is great to incorporate into any skincare routine for any skin type to help brighten and even the skintone. Additionally, this hero ingredient supports the skin’s lipid barrier which in turn helps retain moisture and gives the skin a look of luminosity. Who doesn’t want that?

The use of Vitamin C can inhibit the production of pigment in skin, helping to reduce dark spots and give the appearance of a brighter complexion. Use the Pure Glow range to refresh and hydrate skin with active Vitamin C and Pink Pomelo extract – just don’t forget your SPF after!

Lactic Acid works similarly to Vitamin C as a melanin suppressor that helps to even out skin tone and reveal a brighter complexion without drying side effects or high risk of irritation. Incorporate Lactic Acid into your skincare regime with our best-selling Advanced range.

If you haven’t managed to catch your full 8 hours, the use of Haloxyl which can be found in our Advanced Brightening Eye Repair Cream is the next best thing. Haloxyl is a synthetic peptide that cleverly mimics the behaviour of matrikines, the body’s naturally occurring cell-signallers and regulators. Nothing will give you a bright eyed and bushy tailed appearance more so than reducing dark circles and puffiness.

You can check out our full list of powerful active ingredients by clicking here.