We've been in the business of 'brightening' for a long time. For centuries, from Cleopatra to Kim Kardashian, the quest for bright, radiant skin has been so unflinching, it's hardly a trend. The concept of "radiance" in the beauty world has the sort of staying power and ubiquity that transcends skin type, tone and age. We should know, it’s been our focus for more than forty years.

The Glow-down

At its most basic level, a glowing complexion with an even tone is symbolic of youthfulness and good health. Of course, there are short cuts to radiance - we love an iridescent highlighter or a shimmering bronzer with the best of them. But for us, 'brightening' starts with skincare. It's about using tried and tested ingredients to help boost your skin's cellular turnover and treat dark spots, so it appears genuinely 'lit' from within.

Beauty that Works

We're here for anyone concerned about dull, uneven, lacklustre-looking skin. Our vegan friendly- products are packed full of active ingredients that will noticeably improve unwanted pigmentation and increase our favourite four-letter word: Glow.

Pigmentation can be a natural part of the ageing process, but sometimes our lifestyle choices can intensify the problem. If you've discolouration and darker patches on your complexion - from sun damage, hormonal changes, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (often from old blemishes) or melasma - our affordable products can make a noticeable difference in just 28 days.