As the temperature drops, our skin often bears the brunt of the seasonal change. Cold weather, low humidity, and indoor heating can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it dry, flaky, and in need of extra care. Here are a few top tips to keep your skin feeling hydrated this winter.

Tip 1
The cold air outside and the warm, heated air inside can leave your skin dehydrated. To combat this, make sure to hydrate from the inside out. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin cells plump and moisturised. Additionally, you want to incorporate a hydrating cleanser or moisturiser into your everyday routine.


Tip 2
While it's tempting to take a steaming hot shower during the winter months, hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness. Opt for lukewarm water instead and use a gentle cleanser try using our Advanced Brightening Facial Wash, this cleanser effectively removes impurities without over-drying, leaving your skin clean and refreshed.


Tip 3
Winter doesn't mean saying goodbye to sun protection; in fact, it's more crucial than ever to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, even on cloudy days. Our Pure Glow Brightening Day Cream is your winter skincare essential. Not only does it provide a protective barrier against UV rays, but its advanced formula also actively works to fade existing dark spots. This ensures that your skin not only stays guarded from outside factors but also maintains a luminous and even-toned complexion throughout the colder months.


Tip 4
Exfoliation is crucial for removing dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover, especially in the winter when dry skin is more prevalent. You want to exfoliate once or twice a week to reveal smoother, brighter skin. Remember not to over-exfoliate, as this can aggravate the skin. Our Anti-Wrinkle formula contains natural AHA’s that gently exfoliate the skin to brighten the complexion and reduce fine lines.


Tip 5
Night-time is when your skin undergoes repair and regeneration. Enhance this process with vitamins enriched with active ingredients, it works overnight to replenish moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and promote a radiant complexion Try using our Pure Glow Night Cream which is a Vitamin C-infused treatment that brightens whilst you sleep.