While it might feel that that we’ve only just begrudgingly put the sandals away and had a brief thought of putting the heating on, every year the festive season arrives before we’ve even had a chance to dust off the decorations. Unfortunately, we can’t help with your go-to party look but we can give some guidance on how to get your skin prepped and looking its best ahead of December 25th.

PREVENT – They say prevention is better than a cure for a reason. Overindulgence is fairly inevitable during the festive season in one way or another - whether that be another mince pie or an extra glass or two of wine. While we fully champion enjoying the festive season to the most, these indulgences can result in dehydrated and lackluster skin. Implementing a regular routine beforehand whereby you are cleansing and moisturising frequently will ensure skin is ready to tackle any woes thrown its way. Fade Out’s Pure Glow range is perfect for helping skin stay bright and radiant all winter thanks to the skin-loving ingredients packed inside, including Vitamin C (great for brightening), Pink Pomelo (great for nourishment) and Niacinamide (great for just about everything!).

PROTECT – The crisp chill in the air is part of the Christmas magic, but sadly our skin doesn’t always agree. Dry patches and uneven texture are common side effects as we venture into the colder seasons, and sometimes a little extra love is needed to restore skin health. Fade Out’s Brightening Power Trio is the perfect way to treat unhappy skin, with the Exfoliating Facial Wash working to renew skin texture, and the Day and Night Cream replenishing moisture levels. Add an Advanced Eye Cream if your eye area could also use some TLC.

GLOW UP, GLOW OUT – You’ve done the hard work looking after your skin – make sure you show it off! Use your favourite Fade Out Brightening Picks to glow all holiday season, whether that be a Christmas party or a date with Netflix.